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Gerald and Sue Telford and their family welcome you to their New Zealand hunting and fishing operation in their corner of paradise – Wanaka, in the South Island

Gerald Telford

Gerald Telford established the Wanaka based Fishing & Hunting Services in October 1993.
gerald flyfishingAs an active angler and keen hunter for 42 years, Gerald decided to make a career move away from the agriculture industry to set up a professional guiding service.

Recent highlights for him have been bowhunting trips to Namibia and Alaska and his passion for the outdoors, conservation and philosophy of a Free Range – Fair game hunt motivate him to provide an unmatched level of service and expertise in the field.

He thrives on passing on the skills of years of hands-on experience to other anglers and hunters and his extensive local knowledge and contacts ensures a wide range of options are available.

He is also strongly involved in the guiding industry as a Hunt Facilitator for the NZ Deerstalkers Association and a member and Past President of The New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA) and a member of The New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA).

Emphasis is on quality matched with a personally tailored experience with regards to both the service provided and the fish or game trophies that our client may wish to pursue.

Outfitter Gerald Telford is fully licenced as a hunting and fishing guide in accordance with New Zealand regulations.


NZ Mountain Safety Council Outdoor First Aid and hunts course Facilitator who promotes best practice in all aspects of his hunting and guiding operation.

Gerald is a member and past Executive member of The New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA). This national body aims to foster a high quality approach to guiding. Members must meet strict standards of experience and professionalism to be accepted.

He is a member of the Safari Club International and the SCI New Zealand Chapter whose aim is to conserve the hunting experience throughout New Zealand and the world.

Gerald has served on the Executive of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA). He is currently Past President of the NZPHGA with a term 2012 to 2015. This national body aims to foster a high quality approach to guiding. Members must meet strict standards of experience and professionalism to be accepted

Member and training officer of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association.


Department of Conservation concessions

Gerald has Department of Conservation (DOC) concession permits to operate on public lands and other special land areas. We also have good relations with local landowners and have access to some exceptional hunting areas.

Guide Insurance

We have taken out a number of insurance policies to protect your interests as well as ours! Public liability is the major one. This allows access across properties otherwise inaccessible and means that customers are not personally liable if something happens. For example if someone throws a cigarette butt into a pine plantation – don’t laugh, it has happened before!

Sue Telford

Sue Telford has been involved in the aviation and tourism Industry for 27 years, moving from Wellington City to Wanaka to work as a professional pilot flying scenic tours to Milford Sound and around the surrounding mountainous terrain of the South Island since 1989.

Meeting Gerald in 1994 also introduced her to fly fishing and the art of stalking live game.

Sue’s extensive experience in the New Zealand tourism industry make her an ideal person to contact for any holiday information or suggestions, both during your stay in Wanaka and in your travels around the country.

With an Instructor’s rating and 6200 logged flying hours – much of it in the dramatic mountainous environment of the Southern Alps – the option of a scenic flight with Sue in a Cessna 172  has been the highlight of the trip for a number of clients.

‘Ron and I both had a wonderful time at your lodge. You were both an awesome host/hostess. To tell you the truth when Ron told me about this trip and where we’d be staying I had my doubts that I would enjoy it. I thought it was in the middle of nowhere – boy was I wrong! I knew that he was looking forward to the hunt and he told me that Sue would be happy to take me shopping or wherever while I was there. Well, Sue, you outdid yourself and even though I didn’t take you up on the tandem jump, I had a great time and I was never bored. The shopping expedition you took us girls on was very interesting and much more fun than going to a mall. I also enjoyed the Big Picture wine adventure. There really is quite a lot to do around there even for someone who is not very athletic like me.

We also enjoyed your dining experience every evening. Our food was always excellent and I enjoyed trying out the various game that had been hunted.

I would recommend your hunting service to anyone that was going to New Zealand. Ron really would like to go back again so, who knows, we might see you again in a few years.’

Cathy Ward, Iowa , USA May 2008

Flying with Sue

Contracting to:

Duncan Stewart

Duncan is a young, fit and enthusiastic, hardworking hunter. His hunting experience has a back ground of pest control, pig hunting and deer hunting. He is great company and a resourceful fellow. Duncan has Guided for Telford Hunting NZ Ltd for 10 years and Sue and Gerald consider him a valuable member of our team.

He lives with Kerry in the local region and they have three children.


‘Thanks so much for everything you have done to make our first guided hunt a success. Right from the first communication we knew we had picked the right place!  Great to be part of a your family for a few days as well.  Everything from the rooms to the food was excellent.  Duncan was a very good Guide and was perfect for Isaiah.  The look on Isaiah’s face when he got his first goat was priceless – as it was with the next 6 goats, 2 rabbits and 4 turkeys!

We sure hope to be back sometime and hope you look us up if you find yourself in Alberta.

Doug Geddie, Edmonton, Canada March 2014

hunting guide duncan

Sharing their love for fishing, hunting and outdoor adventure is a cornerstone of the Telford family team and a hosted stay with Gerald, Sue, Laetitia & Melanie is the best way to make the most of your hunting or fishing holiday and ensure everyone on the trip will have a memorable experience – for all the right reasons.

Telford Family

‘Our aim is to provide a top quality experience to visiting sportsmen and women by sharing Gerald’s two main passions – fishing and hunting – and enjoy our corner of paradise.’

We look forward to hearing from you

Gerald and Sue Telford

Wanaka, New Zealand


We provide a fully hosted service within our Lodgings for yourself, partner and family.

Other accommodation we can organise if you prefer ranges from luxurious, boutique hotels and stylish country lodges to hosted accommodation.

All are good value, clean and conveniently located to prime hunting and fishing areas.

Accommodation provided are warm, open and friendly, and will show you the South Island hospitality they are legendary for.

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