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Telford Hunting NZ Ltd 2016 under the banner of the well established Telford Fishing & Hunting Services 1992.

Allow us to Guide you within the Southern regions of the South Island of New Zealand. “No worries”

No, we are not just hunting but we continue to fly fish October through to March and remember the combination of fishing and hunting February through to March is a bonus to your visit to our area of the South Island.

2017 is almost here, which means it’s time to start planning for that classic pastime: the Roar. In this month’s newsletter, we’ve got the rundown on the hunting propertHunting Propertyy and potential for the New Zealand Trophy.

The Rut for Red Stag is during March and April, come over and visit our hunting property.

Winter time in Wanaka, as a ski resort the town is still looking for a good fall of snow to open up the full terrain on our two local ski fields.
Snow also reinstates the alpine fell fields which play an important part in spring and summer water supply for our local trout streams and rivers.
On one hand I don’t need snow restricting my access to higher alpine hunting areas but need it to supply the fisheries.
Paper shifting season in every other respect. Hunting season is over so it is head down thinking cap on and fill the hunting and fishing book for 2017.
Never an easy ask when North America and Europe are in the middle of summer.
The other very nice distraction I/We have at the moment is our new pup, “Bean”. She is half collie half black Labrador and she will make a nice addition to the hunting team.
At ten weeks old she appears to have a brain and I look forward to training her as part of our hunting team. What dog cannot enjoy fresh air, boots to follow and a warm fire in the cabin at night. Her first mission will be to help on the possum trap line.
Puppy Bean
Puppy Hunter

A fine specimen of a TROPHY RED STAG hunted on our property.
Inquire now.

Hunt Red Stag Hunting TelfordRita's Gold Red StagHunt as a couple

Nice Trophy this 2016 season. Our Red Stag reside on the property nearby Wanaka, New Zealand. Come and see!

The additional Species for upgrade to enhance your hunting experience in New Zealand:

  1. Bull Tahr
  2. Chamois
  3. Fallow Buck

Bull Tahr Elements  Real Fallow Buck

All this Red Stag, now combine with Trout fishing – or come on over for a specialised Trout Fishing expedition. Our Southern Circuit is a treat!

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