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Teen HuntHunt and Jump

The bonus for our area of New Zealand is the plethora of activities including the Hunt.

Recently Alex from Germany hunted small game and got this nice Spiker.

He included a Tandem Sky Dive, raft trip and a scenic flight. This is what we do down here so come and visit.

The seasons are full on but we have full day sunshine and will not get below -6 degrees Celsius so a good jacket, fleece and sturdy shoes with warm socks is all you require. Our ski season starts in late June, a perfect time to combine a Chamois or Bull Tahr hunt.

The small game includes rabbit, possum, pig, goat and ram. We offer bow hunting as well as rifle hunting.

Hunting in New Zealand can be successfully carried out on foot as we at Telford Hunting NZ Ltd hunt smart. We have plans “because if you do not have a plan you cannot change anything”.

We recommend Air New Zealand as the airline to fly from you home country to Auckland and then a domestic flight from Auckland to Queenstown. Too easy!

With a population of 5 million New Zealanders, we want you to come visit us but respect our environment so that future generations can come and enjoy the same beauty you will see.

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