Firearms licence requirements in New Zealand

Firearms Licences

New Zealand is a ‘hunter friendly’ destination but you will require a firearm import permit if bringing a firearm into the country.

Research the New Zealand Police website by looking up ‘Visitor’s firearms licence and import permits’.

The Visitors Firearms Licence and Permit to Import Firearms can be completed online. Refer to

Upon arrival into New Zealand you will collect your firearm at the luggage claim. Please ensure you have some way to make payment of $NZ 25.00 to release your firearm.

We have firearms available for clients who do not wish to bring their own. Shooting distances will vary from 100 – 400 yards. Any calibre between the .270 and .300 Win Mag is adequate for New Zealand hunting conditions.

Handguns are not permitted in New Zealand.
Semi autos and SLR are not legal for hunting purposes.
Bring your trusty bolt action OR borrow one of our rifles.