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We must be getting older as the years seem to be getting faster!

Laetitia celebrated her 13th birthday this month and it seems only yesterday we were bouncing her on our knee while eating dinner with our clients…. Melanie begins intermediate school and therefore is leaving the primary stage of her schooling.  We will be concentrating on careers in the next couple of years for these two Telford’s.

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The time to market our operation is important at this stage of the global economic situation. Telford Fishing & Hunting is definitely on the radar and our part of New Zealand has never been better for hunting and fly fishing. We are confident of a 100% success rate with our Deer and Bull Tahr. The Chamois is the challenge, this species is out there but the fitness and terrain dictates access and straight shooting for all hunters who pursue this Antelope family. Our trophy gallery features the latest animals hunted this season.

As for our fly fishing, we stalk our rainbow or brown trout and the country side visited during our ‘southern circuits’ make for a memorable fishing expedition. You can view our fishing gallery in our website.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from GT & Sue