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Getting there where the hunting or fishing will be a straight forward exercise.

If you research our website you will see that New Zealand as a destination to hunt, fish or sight-see is a most attractive destination.  If you refer to our visitor page it details what you will be confronted with while in New Zealand:

  1. Natural Environment
  2. NZ and its people
  3. Getting to NZ
  4. Language
  5. Currency

Also when you see the front page of our website you will see the line up of drop down tabs and one of these tabs is called “About”. Included in this “About” tab lists

  • Your Guide, Hosts and Accommodation
  • Wanaka & Weather
  • NZ Visitor Information
  • Paperwork & Payment
  • Taxidermy Hire
  • Testimonials
  • Blog

This tab will inform you of relevant information that will give you the base line of knowledge for your up and coming trip to visit us in the South of the South Island of New Zealand.

A few facts of our lovely country, New Zealand.  There are 4.5 million population, it has a high standard of living therefore we are pricey but affordable, we all speak English, we have Supermarkets and high rises. Our airline Air New Zealand transport you internationally and domestically in the comfort of Boeing 777 and 787’s right through to the capable Airbus 320.  If you go back to the front page of our website and scroll down you will come across an informative introduction YouTube footage by T J Schwanky with Outdoor Quest TV of Canada. T J came to hunt with us and put together a number of informative videos for our benefit.


Hunt Bull Tahr

Hunt Fallow and Chamois

All we ask is to respect our land. There are no tags for species, you are able to access our parks unrestricted, but we want to sustain our land for future generations to enjoy. Allow us to guide you to the prime hunting and fishing areas where you will benefit the potential on offer within New Zealand.

Contact us with your questions and lets start planning!!

Hunt Red Stag Hunting Telford