Whats in a number?

12,989. What’s in this number? Couple of things, it’s the distance from Calgary to Queenstown NZ. It’s also the cost, give or take a couple of bucks, of a 5-day gold medal Stag and Bull [...]

Telford Hunting NZ

Think New Zealand Fly Fishing and Hunting: Escape to New Zealand for that Telford Experience Telford Hunting NZ Ltd 2016 under the banner of the well established Telford Fishing & Hunting [...]

Getting There

Getting there where the hunting or fishing will be a straight forward exercise. If you research our website you will see that New Zealand as a destination to hunt, fish or sight-see is a most [...]

Team hunting as a couple

Regan and Amie travelled to New Zealand as tourists and completed their stay with us as hunters. Two mighty fine Red Stags and it was Amie’s first trophy. As they were not strangers to the [...]

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