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Doug & Dienna arrived to the South Island to the rain from Arizona to hunt Bull Tahr.

Bull Tahr highlights

Both pursuits were appreciated because Arizona has been in drought for some years and the feel of rain on your clothes and face was a nice experience. The hill climb was a challenge but he and Dienna conquered the hike to retrieve their animal.

The Bull Tahr reached a nice 13″ horn and the cape presented as a nice cape for the full body trophy that will be expedited home later this year.

Doug & Dienna enjoyed the chance to see Tahr Country and then self drive up the West Coast and visit Limousin Cattle breeding in the Canterbury area. The “Kiwi hospitality” was extended through out their tour and they will be back to explore our area and seek other hunting endeavours.

To enable for the ease of combining travel with the hunt, we can offer the use of our fire arm to complete your hunt and assist with scheduling your tour. There are 4 day and 7 day tour options, just ask us and we can help.

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