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It is Autumn here in New Zealand and that means we receive 4 seasons in one day.

Bull Tahr RainDuring the Bull Tahr hunt you will experience mountainous scenic vistas but also weather conditions which will consist of wind (mountains), snow (southerly quarter), rain (45 latitude surrounded by ocean) and sunshine (clear skies and refreshing air).

This Bull Tahr hunting experience consisted of precipitation throughout the day. However the quality of our present day hunting apparel does not seem to put a stop to a walk in the rain. We remained warm throughout the stalk and this greatly improves the environment in which we were placed to pursue our trophy.

Labels such as Swazi and Sitka provided the protection from the elements and the Hunters were impressed.

This Bull Tahr was a 12.5″ for Lee and a 11″ for Tom. The Elements of the day hindered the leisure of grazing for the Bull Tahr and dry walking for our hunters but the rain allowed the animals to slow and enhance the chances for our hunters to get into position. Bull Tahr ElementsThe hunting property is located close to Wanaka and Hawea which allowed dry conditions at the end of the day and the chance to prepare these trophies for expediting.