A New Zealand bow hunting expedition that will provide memories of a lifetime.

A New Zealand bow hunting expedition with Gerald Telford will give you the memories of a lifetime.


Bow Hunting NZ Season- February to April

A bow hunting NZ expedition with Gerald Telford will give you the memories of a lifetime. First and foremost Gerald is a bow hunter. He has successfully hunted Mountain Goat in S.E Alaska, plains game in South Africa and Namibia, Rusa Deer in Australia and had success in most of our New Zealand species.

Red Stags, Fallow Bucks and Bull Tahr are a challenging hunt in a unique environment and for our hunting client to be successful on our bow hunts, there are a number of requirements that have to be met.Bow hunting NZ Tahr

The rugged terrain they inhabit requires a degree of skill, patience and determination to secure a trophy. That said, the satisfaction of a successful hunt will stay with you long after the aches and blisters are gone! Majority of hunts are on a fair chase, free range basis. This is some of the toughest hunting terrain in the world. The fitter you are, the more enjoyment you will get.

Combine Gerald’s skill, knowledge of the area and animal management with access to the best bow hunting properties in New Zealand and you have all the ingredients to make for a successful hunt.

‘…If you are looking for a true free-range bow hunting experience in New Zealand without the aid of high-wire fences…then Gerald Telford is your man…’ Kevin Owens Ca, USA

Red Stag

Bow Hunting NZ Red StagThe rut commences in late March, peaking in the 2nd to 3rd week of April. Good trophies are available to the end of July. (Weather)

Red Deer are hunted in the Wanaka Region and the herd is part of the Otago herd that established itself in the hinterland of Otago and spread into the South Westland region. Fairchase trophy animals are located on a 50,000 acre block. They are not easy to locate but are well worth the time looking. Private Property, Preserve Red Stag are also available.

Fallow Bucks

Rut in the later part of April and on into the middle of May. Trophies are hunted from mid March to the end of July. (Weather)

Fallow are hunted on private property in the Tapanui area. The herd is part of the Blue Mountains herd and is consistently producing good trophy heads. This prime Fallow habitat consists of open native grass ridges and scrub covered gullies. High animal numbers are present.

Himalayan Tahr

Bull Tahr Hunting, New ZealandThe kings of the alpine terrain. Bulls begin to move into the nanny groups at the end of May and will stay with these groups until the end of August. The premium New Zealand trophy. Tahr are hunted in the Westland and Mt Cook areas.

Planning and a lot of time are required to obtain a trophy bull. The terrain, climate and the Bull Tahr’s habitat all add up to huge challenges that are often daunting on first appraisal of a trophy in more ways than one.

Bow Hunting NZ Licencing

A permit is NOT required to import archery equipment for a guided hunt in New Zealand. You are able to carry your bow as part of your luggage. Aim to shoot up to 50 yards (45 meters) with your bow.

Want to know more about bow hunting in New Zealand ? Contact Gerald Telford and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the information you want.