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What’s your plans for touring while in New Zealand?

After a hunting or fishing guided trip with Gerald,

I’m excited to announce our tour guided driver, Tom of Opulence Tours who can pick you up and drive you to destinations from a 3 day to 7 day tour.

Tour NZ with a Driver GuideTour NZ with a Driver Guide

This means:

  • no negotiating the NZ roads, just sit back and relax and take in the views.
  • all accommodations will be arranged.
  • door to door delivery to your place of rest after an eventful day of activities and sightseeing.
  • each trip is personalized and tailored to your preference.
  • Tom will inform you of your trip schedule and work with you to make sure your NZ visit is a memorable one.
  • modern and comfortable European Mercedes vehicle at your service.
  • no commitment to meeting and scheduling rental cars.

Telford tours with Opulence

A daily rate of $US870/couple for your guide, road transport and accommodation. The excursions are extra.

This plan has just been launched and if I can include you both to take advantage of this tour option I do recommend it.

Thanks for considering this