Wanaka Average Rainfall: 682 mm/year
Wanaka Average Temperature: 16.6 Celsius

Weather in Wanaka and Central Otago NZWe are based on latitude 45 degrees in the Southern Hemisphere. We receive the cool polar air from the south Tasman Sea during our autumn and winter months from April to August.

Our weather, like most parts of the world, is changeable. The standard weather pattern between April and August is cool dry conditions with frosts in Central Otago and wet cold conditions in Southland. Wanaka and our main Red Stag and Chamois hunting areas are in the rain shadow of the Southern Alps and as a result remain dry.

Central Otago Terrain
Tahr hunting in the Alps is weather dependent and is easy to predict, we always watch for NW fronts and get out fast if one is approaching. Normally fronts pass within 6 to 24 hr so hunting is not badly affected. We did, however, receive a mild winter two years ago that put our ski fields to shame and the summer garden growth grew too early.

The snowfall remains on the surrounding mountains in Central Otago, which stand from 5000 to 10,000 feet (2000-3000m) high. Occasionally we will get a snowfall on the ground outside our door, but it melts in a matter of hours or days, depending on the amount of wet snow that has fallen from the sky.


The best outdoor clothing in use for our weather conditions is Micro-fleece. It is quick drying, wind proof and warm. Please read our equipment information pages for Fishing or Hunting .

Our spring and summer begins from September until March. Our standard spring/summer weather pattern is wet and windy; “be prepared for anything” conditions during September through to December (but the best time to fly fish!). Our annual rainfall is around 28 inches (71cm) and comes mostly in the spring (September/October). January through to March is mild and warm, but there can be an occasional change to cool southerlies.


New Zealand has four distinct seasons:

Weather in New Zealand South Island