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We’ve met and hosted some great people from all over the world – read what they have to say about their hunting and fishing experience with us.

Stumpf hunting party enjoying their days hunting

Just want to say thanks for a wonderful hunt and a great experience in the beautiful area of Wanaka and Lake Hawea.

The accommodations were fantastic, the meals at your house were amazing and Tony and Duncan were fantastic to hunt with. Certainly a hunt of a lifetime for us, and the fact that we all hunted together made it even more special. Will highly recommend you to anyone we talk to that is interested in hunting in NZ for Red Stag, Fallow buck, Chamois or Tahr. I think Mark will be back for his Tahr and hope Liam and I can come back and shoot a Tahr and a Fallow Buck as well.

Thanks again, you run a great operation with great guides. We had so much fun, and Liam can’t stop talking about it (imagine that !)

Greg Stumpf – USA

April 2014

Stumpf hunting party enjoy their Red Stag

I want to thank you two for everything you did on our recent Stag and sheep hunt to make it very successful and give me the chance to mark this off my  ” Bucket  List”.  You two are GREAT people that have a successful business and you know how to treat people.  Tony and  Duncan are GREAT guides and you are lucky they are working for you and Sue.  I have had a lot of questions about our trip to New Zealand and  hopefully this  leads to more  business for you!!!!!!!

Dan Esch

April 2014

Fly Fishing in NZ

Now back in cold and damp UK and reflecting on my 12th annual fishing trip with you. We caught 251 rainbow and brown trout during the 2 sessions of 9 days fishing so a daily average of a smidgeon under 14. Quite a few got away as well and 1 unlucky 4.5lb brown trout was hit on the head for dinner.

We were jolly lucky with the weather as apart from 2 very windy days we really had mostly very sunny and warm conditions. At least the fish must have thought it was good feeding time as they were willing victims and some were lucky enough to have their photograph taken!

Highlights were many but the Motutapu, Manuherikea, Marawhenua, Waiau and Mataura Rivers in particular were at their best. In addition, of course, the day on the Tekapo River was extraordinary, not least catching 8 fish after lunch in a pool opposite the truck in a stretch of 50 metres and in less than an hour.

So many many thanks Gerald for some great guiding on my annual “health trip” and see you next year.

Paul Brown, UK

November 2013


“The experience was a great balance of hunting, relaxation, and fellowship. Especially for the English speaking client, this is a very user friendly destination. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to enjoy all New Zealand and what the outfitter have to offer. Not only did I hunt with the outfitter but also enjoyed some tremendous trout fishing. This will be a hunt with no regrets.”

The mighty Bull Tahr hunting

David Harrell, Texas, USA

April 2013


I hardly need to tell you what a beautiful country you have and we enjoyed every minute. In hindsight , we were very glad that we focused on the south half of the south island as 2 ½ weeks wasn’t even enough for the geography that we toured.

I have always maintained that the reason we (personally) hunt in foreign countries is that we always find we see and learn about the country much better than your average tourist. You get to go places tourists often do not and more importantly you get to meet people tourists almost never get to meet .

Red Stag hunting

It was certainly a big pleasure for Sandy and I to be able to hunt with you, your family , Duncan, and of course your other guests. It took all of about an hour until we felt right at home at the Telfords and we are most thankful for all of your great hospitality .

As for the hunting, I also had a great time . The quantity and quality of game is truly amazing. With man as the only predator and the lush vegetation  it sure makes for a good game environment. I must admit, at times on the side of your lovely hills, I thought I had “lost it”. I had more than a few “stumbles” and misplaced steps. The problem became much worse after we left New Zealand which resulted in some “doctor time” when I returned from St Lucia. As it turns out , dental issues (they think) led to a substantial inner ear infection , which after a good lengthy dose of antibiotic has now pretty much corrected itself. I think I’m back to normal (no more dizzy spells) – we will see.

I also unlikely need to tell you what a great find Duncan is to your operation as I’m sure you know that . I really liked hunting with him and would recommend him to anyone who might think of hunting New Zealand.

Brian & Sandy McLachlan, Calgary, Canada
April 2013
Bow Hunt New ZealandI had an excellent trip with the Telford’s!  The family was very hospitable and provided me with  first rate accommodation and wonderful food.  I truly felt at home; and was able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery in Wanaka.   I learned a tremendous amount from Gerald about fly-fishing and caught several of the biggest trout of my life.  I was thoroughly impressed with my hunting trip guided by Duncan.  We had several opportunities on the hunt and I was already tagged out with a massive Stag within a couple hours of the hunt.
Zack Watson, USA

Shannon and I had a fun filled time as we drove around the south island. There is so much to see and do.We would also like to thank you for opening your house to us and allowing us to experience the kiwi friendliness first hand. The accommodations were more than what we expected. As for the hunt I still would like to apologize for taking so many Testimonial bow hunt Red Stag Apr 2012shots and missing the mark. I was not as prepared as I thought I was, I guess. But that also speaks to the high quality of game available and the professionalism of the guides which allowed me to take five missed shots before closing the deal.It is not often in the hunting realm that you get this many chances on animals. My whole hunt there had so much WOW factor that I was not able to have much time to really think about where I was actually hunting, every time you looked around there was something new starring at you. I went to NZ wanting to take a stag and you fulfilled your end of the bargain + more.
As for Shannon she too had a lot of fun at your place. She thanks you Sue for taking her to Milford sound in the plane. She also enjoyed her walks on the river alone. The scenes she says are very soothing to the soul. She really wants a Tahr for the trophy room so when the time comes we know who and where to go.
Denis Simard, Calgary, Canada
April 2012
Michael Luxford, AustraliaTestimonial Luxford with Tahr Mar 12
March 2012
Article: First Day Tahr
Lori and Mike McAdoo, Texas USA
Sent: Wednesday, 28 March 2012 9:42 a.m.
Subject: Expression of thanks

Sue and Gerald,

Testimonial Red Stag hunting

Lori with her Bow hunted Stag!

I do not know where to begin in expressing how much we enjoyed our time in Telford hunting camp and in the Telford home.  You both (along with the girls- Laetitia and Melanie) were tremendous host/hostess.  Your warmth and hospitality made us feel like family not acquaintances.  Your lodge facilities were wonderful and your landscaped property was beautiful.  Mike already misses pulling an apple from the trees as he passed going to our accommodations.  I can’t keep from bragging on your vegetable and herb garden and fruit trees. The evening meal was always fantastic – kudu’s to both Pip and Sue.  I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and wines of the Otago valley each evening.

I catch myself going and reminiscing over the photos more than once a day (not getting much office work done!).

Testimonial Tahr hunting

Mike with our Guide Duncan and his trophy Bull Tahr

Gerald, thank you for the most challenging hunting experience ever!!!! It was wonderful to harvest such beautiful animals –  but to hunt in the overall surrounding beauty of the mountains and the accomplishment of making it to the top will forever be embedded in my mind. I gained much knowledge and satisfaction from this bow hunt.

Sue and Gerald, I must say it is amazing to watch you both balance your businesses and family life, juggling assignments and schedules with love and respect of each others careers and interest. My compliments to you both.

New Zealand is a corner of PARADISE.  To have experienced and walked within the beauty of God’s wonderful, lush creation will forever be a part of great memories for Mike and I.  Thanks again for a fabulous adventure.  I must say New Zealand hospitality out shines the said “great Texas hospitality.”

We look forward to meeting up with you again at the SCI Dallas show in Jan 2013.

With fond regards., Lori & Mike



Brady kindly YouTubed us his 2007 Red Stag hunt with us. Guided by Duncan and Morty. Enjoy.


Testimonial Fly Fishing
UK- February 2011

Gerald, I’ve had great fishing with you over the years, in some wonderful places. We’ve been unlucky the last two years with the weather and the aftermath of floods, but you’ve still found me some fish & given me really enjoyable days. My highlight this year was that rainbow on the Makarora. We fished to him for over an hour, going through your fly boxes from top to bottom. I was getting distinctly grumpy, but you refused to leave a feeding fish, and we eventually had him with the first cast of a garden caddis, possibly the most basic fly I’ve ever seen! He took off like a rocket and gave us a terrific fight, well worth the effort.

Apart from the fishing, I so enjoy staying with you & your lovely family at your beautiful home. I don’t even miss Sues cooking when she’s away – you buy a superb take-away!

Can’t wait till next year!




HAWAII – April 2010

Just a quick thank-you note for the outstanding bow hunting experience I was fortunate to share with you a few weeks ago.  This was my third bow hunting trip with yTestimonial recurve hunting red stagou, which says a lot about the first two trips, and this one was the best of the lot.  I think it had to do with the four or five times you were able to get me within 15 meters of very good red stags, including groups of stags a couple of times.

The afternoon hunt where we crawled up the hill to hide behind the rose bush within 12 meters of those three big boys with their antlers turning against the sky still stands out in my mind nearly as vividly as it did that day.  To finally close the deal on a really nice animal really capped off the hunt.  That Joanne could ride along in the truck and gain an appreciation for the beautiful scenery and the animals also greatly enhanced the experience.  (And improved my chances of getting to put another head up on the wall of the den!)

I also really appreciated your positive attitude and sense of humor during our hunts.  Guiding a recurve bow hunter requires plenty of both, I’m sure.  You obviously know well the terrain and the animals we hunted given the numerous chances you gave me to get close.  It may be another two or three years, but I really hope to get another chance for a Gerald Telford bow hunting experience. All my best to you, Sue and the girls.


ROBERT KÖNIGTestimonial bow hunt Red Stag

AUSTRIA – March 2009

A bowhunter since 1992 ROBERT KÖNIG has bowhunted in many parts of the world but says that his NZ hunt with Gerald was one of his highlights. When I was first planning a sightseeing trip from my country Austria/Vienna in Europe to NZ in the year 2008 many of my friends had been asking me, “what are you going to hunt there ??”

“Nothing”, I said , just a sightseeing trip of the North and South Island.

After all, I decided to take the chance and I looked for a bowhunting guide and a good place to hunt Himalajan Tahr and Stags or Chamois.

After searching in google, I soon detected www.flyfishhunt.co.nz and the contact was made.

Gerald invested his private time to show me around in December 2008 in his hunting area for Tahr and Stags, for two days . After that time he asked me if I was an experienced bowhunter- only since already 1992, and foamer of our bowhunting club, www.austrianbowhunting.at (see the web page and photogallery), will make it – and I was hooked by gerald, who is also a bowhunting and fishing guide expert. At that time we could work out several close encounters for a bowhunter- just to take close pictures whith the camera in stead of a bow shot.

More than one year I was dreaming of that wonderful private mountain valley. I used my time to become in good shape, trained mountain hiking as much as possible and trained as a bowhunter to shoot at distances up to 40 meters in the mountains.

In March 2009 the dream becomes true, and I was back in that wonderful valley. 11 hours of time difference gave me a hard time, I had 5 days of hunting time + 3 days as reserve days. To make it short, within three days I was able to fulfill my dream. I could havest a fully free ranging bull Tahr with 12 inch, which scored 40 douglas points, high up in the mountains after a 3 hours climb more than 1200 meters higher up and 1.5 hours additional stalk, with a lucky or good trained 38 meters downhill bow shot and a two blade german cinetics 125 grain broadhead, that Tahr collapsed within 60 meters at a perfect place to make pictures, just meters before a vertical dangerous wall.

The next day we worked out several close encounters to the fully bugling redstags – they had been roaring like in my country, not bellowing high, like elk in the states, and with late shooting light , a perfect quatering away 30 meters bow shot ,brought down a beautiful symmetrical 7×6 red stag within 80 meters with long white tips, which scored 182 CIC points and the dream was over …..

But I will never forget the wonderful time far far away at the other side of the world, the red stag antlers on my wall and the perfect shoulder mount of the tahr will always remind me of that great bowhunting adventure. Everything was perfect ……

ROBERT KÖNIG has hunted at many parts of the world and could harvest with his bow more than 100 hooved big game animals, that NZ hunt was one of his highlights.

If you are a rifle or bow hunter and in normal good shape, you will have perfect chance for Tahr and Red Stag.

Thank`s Sue and Gerald for everything.


Testimonial Fly FishingPaul Brown

UK – December 2009

What an awesome time I had with you again Gerald. I am truly fished out (204 landed), as you no doubt noticed in the last 2 days. For the first 16 days we were flat out from morning till late afternoon in the hunt for the beauties as the weather was kind this year. There was wind but you seemed to find the right answer to shelter me from this negative.

I have not yet written my log but the highlights are in my head. I landed back in the UK on time and apart from the next day when I felt a bit like a zombie I am now back on UK time. Some of the highlights:

1. Motatapu River with 42 fish landed. The fish were suicidal with 2 of the fish caught after they had been nicked 1 and 2 times but took the next cast nevertheless. To cap it all 1 foot of the rod had broken off after the second fish so 40 were caught with interesting gear. At an early stage I fell head first in the water when I misjudged the depth of the river on entering a pool with 6 fish visible. As a recompense all 6 fish were caught. At one stage I recall I had a fish on the line which was having fun with us as your sunglasses were also caught in the fishing line.

2. The first day at Craig Burn Creek was rather remarkable as all the fish near where the truck was parked were spooked before we started. But then to find a pool where we landed 18 between 2lb to 3lb a further 2 broke off and a further 2 were hooked was a big bonus. Yet there were still more fish left in the pool than we had caught. Considering the small size of the pool it was remarkable that the fish did not twig that something was going on before we had touched 22 of them!

3. The Matarau River this year was again something very special. The first afternoon catching 7 good powerful fish was quite an experience. The next day was a great beat with the terrific benefit that the truck was parked where we were ending the day. Although we only landed 4 and lost 6 it was memorable as the fish were incredibly powerful and one felt each landing was a great success and beating all the odds. The fact that we also saw so many fish that day but most spooked very quickly, often without casting even, meant even a hit while losing the nymphs after a heroic effort was a triumph. On the 3rd day to land 31 with 7 in the Melanie pool was something I had not expected as a second time at a spot which was a great success the first time is not something usually repeated.

So thanks very much for a great holiday and also thanks to Sue for looking after me. The cherries were great this year and good to see that the ‘girls’ still love them.

My intention is to come back next year at approximately the same dates but it is a bit too early to fix dates. Let me know though if somebody is interested in booking what is ‘my’ time!!

Once again ta very much and all the best to the Telford clan.


Testimonial bow hunt Fallow BuckDaniel Blumer

April 2008 – Wisconsin

I have to say that of the 3 weeks we spent in NZ, that the hunt, your hospitality, the lodgings and the food that first week were the highlights of the trip. Your kids were fun for us to, they gave us a little reminder of home and we’ll miss them to. Sue, I think that the household and food were the best we had while in NZ. Mom and Susie really appreciated the time you spent touring with them, the highlight was the plane ride. The only complaint I heard from them was that you Kiwis drive to fast on mountain roads!

The abundance of free range wild game in the stag area was really impressive. It was sure nice (a real good thing I assure you) that whenever I messed up or got “blown” out of a stalk that there was another chance not to far in the future to try again. As I recall I think we saw/stalked 7 or 8 stags that first day, and nearly that the second. The Fallow property was equally impressive, rain or shine the bucks were snorting just over the next rise it seemed. That second afternoon when I managed to stalk, blow the stalk (or rather got winded, or seen, or who knows what) stalk again, blow the stalk…well I think 4 or 5 times before the last one headed across the creek at the bottom of the draw, was the most exciting, there were deer everywhere (that was part of the problem you see). Well, let’s think on that, almost being trampled by a heard of fallow does and buck when they came flying over the rise in our faces was pretty darn exciting to, I wish I had a camera shot of those deer when they came up over the rise (and maybe one of Gerald’s and my faces to as we ducked). The opportunity to hunt rabbits and turkey after the main hunt was great fun. Finding the group of boars on the mountain the last day was equally appreciated and exciting for bowhunting. Who would have thought that I needed to go to NZ to get my first, and second boars with the bow? That was a pretty impressive hump up that little hill with the pig on your back too Gerald. The sites way up on that mountain ridge were just about as good as the pigs we found. When time and money permit in the future I will be back to hunt Tahr and Chamios, maybe I’ll give another go at the Fallow to, we left some big ones out there. I’ll do my best on the Tahr in prime season with the bow to, maybe you Gerald will be up for taking your bow to (or you will take a back-up rifle). For Chamios, a rifle might be the best alternative.

We’ll stay in touch, thanks again for all your efforts before, during, and after this hunt.



Testimonial Tahr huntingJon and Jan Vernam

April 2005 – PA, USA

Well, we’re back from New Zealand now but the memories of our trip are as strong as ever. We both feel we were blessed to be able to visit such a beautiful country and meet such nice people.

The entire two weeks were spectacular but the memories that stand out the most to me, of course, are the days hunting with GT and Paul Rennie. From the first day, I knew we were in for a good time. Hunting red stag in the roar was everything I expected. Must thank Paul for his instincts and ideas to put me in the perfect location for the shot. A quick hunt but not one that I will soon forget. Beautiful country, stags roaring in the early dawn, and a nice trophy to take back to Pennsylvania.

But I must say, the Tahr hunt was the highlight of the trip and I’m so glad that I included time for these magnificent animals. Although I had a good idea what to expect when walking up on the previous stag, nothing quite prepared me for finding the magnificent Bull Tahr! Now I knew why GT got so excited about hunting these great, shaggy beasts! Beautiful animals in beautiful country – truly a hunt to remember!

Our final day’s hunt had us chasing Merriam’s turkeys. Not the traditional hunt that one would have in Pennsylvania, but still loads of fun.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your family, to share some time together, and gain an appreciation for the country where you live. If you are ever in Pennsylvania, you will always have a place to stay.

And please pass on our thanks and appreciation to the staff at the Archway Motel. The accommodations and service were perfect!


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