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Telford Newsletter

We have reached July 2014 and find it is winter in New Zealand. The snow is slow to arrive for a back country ski BUT time for Lodge maintenance, field hockey, study and E Newsletters!
Hello again and we trust you are in fine form.

Telford Newsletter

Guides for Everything

Telford Fishing & Hunting are Guides in Fly Fishing & Hunting but we have lent our hand at a new colour steel roof, new fire place and more light! The increase in light is a result in Eucalyptus Tree removal and a grand result of firewood supply and less property debris.
All set up for the next season to welcome you to our sanctuary in Wanaka.

Telford Eucalyptus Massacre! The entrance way is clear!

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Health & Safety
Outdoor Adventure

We are all effected by Outdoor Adventure Health & Safety plans and Gerald is passionate about the procedures enforced within the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association.  The main thrust in learning further ramifications within New Zealand of the Occupational Health and Safety within our outdoor industry is important. Telford Fishing & Hunting took advantage in participating in the Great Adventure Conference in Wellington and soaked in the current information offered by the Tourism Industry. Stay tuned and allow Gerald to inform you next time you visit us here in Wanaka.
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Bragging Rights
The Season

We had the pleasure of meeting a great group of hunters this season. The feature photo here is of Nathan & Tessa from Canada. Nathan was guided by Gerald and he had great success securing prize trophies including this fine Bull Tahr.
Click on the photo to view our photo gallery of this years hunting trophies.
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Tight Lines
Ripping Lips

October to February is prime fly fishing with Gerald.  We always look forward to our return fly fishermen, Paul then Don who have become part of our family over the seasons.
Once again click on the fly fishing photo to view our seasons catch.

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Full Draw
Keep Your String Dry

The Bow hunting season was a challenge in every shape and form. The terrain, fitness, weather conditions and of course the location of the trophy animal.
Tom and his recurve worked very hard and his guide Duncan managed to set the opportunities where one was taken advantage of and a trophy was secured.
Click on this photo to view the bow hunters of 2014.

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Leisure Time
Activities Other than Trophy Hunting

Always a pleasure showing our non hunters our vast, scenic and varied country side. We boast that the advantage of embarking on a hunting trip to New Zealand involves both the hunter and non hunter. I do believe the comparison of activities accomplished in the day by both parties are equally and accomplishment.

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