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Quality over Quantity is the cliche.Bow hunt Stag

Notes from a Hunting Guide called Gerald; Out there with Gerald Telford

Telford Hunting NZ Ltd is emphasising the limited spaces we have available each season to book now and book early.

When you inquire with us that leads to an invitation to hunt with us which gives you an exclusive use to one of our two hunting guides.

High trophy numbers low hunter numbers equals quality trophies and happy hunters that have had their expectations exceeded.

Management; gaGT bowhunterme management isn’t just about having quality animals with the best available genetics and habitat. Its about harvesting animals, which ones, why and how many.  To maintain a “trophy rich environment” we cannot over hunt our properties.

Telford Hunting NZ Ltd has just 13 weeks of prime hunting season and then our 6 week winter season.

Book your week to hunt, come with your family, a friend or just yourself in the knowledge that you will have our full attention for that week, you are not just a number.

Which week works for you?

another Cliche is: come and allow me to have you eating out of the palm of my hand! in the palm of my hand