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Telford Hunting Services will attend the following hunting shows:

  • Dallas Safari Show: 3-6 January 2013 this booth number will be assigned in August
  • Safari Club International: 23-26 January 2013 visit our Booth 604

It would be great to see you and catch up.

Phew! Our February to May season  has seen a steady stream of hunters welcomed into our home and out onto our nearby hunting leases. Our trophy freezer is empty once again as the final shipment has been made to our tannery in Christchurch for shipment to your wall.  Catching up and building our 2013 season is now in place and we are taking on the winter months with enthusiasm for another busy Spring/Summer and Fall of Fly Fishing and Hunting…. bring it on!

Our multinational group of hunters consisted of Canadians (majority), Texans, Hong Kong, Australians, New Zealanders, Austrian and Spainards.  Memories from our 2012 Season consist of:

  • Our Red Stags and Bull Tahr proved challenging this year.
  • The shot of the season goes out to Weedie with a Chamois taken from a demanding position.
  • James brought the wet weather with him and took a Bull Tahr in the these conditions with his bow.
  • We have to commend James for his resilience in the pursuit of Chamois with the terrain and weather conditions.
  • We will find your Bull Tahr Chas!
  • White foot wear is in for Fallow Hunting thanks to Lee.
  • All hair dressers are welcome in camp!
  • Two Clients tried Marmite and dis liked it.
  • Well done Susan for tackling the Chamois country!
  • Remember Don, GoPro footage works well when it sits on your head right.
  • Michael from Australia took his Bull Tahr with a bow – to easy?
  • It was a pleasure hosting Michael & Steve from Illinois.
  • Tour options in our South Island work!

Our hunting galleries in show the results of our trophy success and the success rate with Red Stag, Bull Tahr and Fallow Buck remain at 100%.

Its always difficult to single out any one advent as a highlight for the season, this season is, like many others,  full of special moments. Special for the hunter in that they have realized there dream to secure their trophies. But its also very important to the guides that as each hunter arrives a new challenge is delivered. Our mornings always start with “whats the plan” as you have to have a plan, if you don’t you can’t change anything and when your hunting you are always having to change something, often several things in very quick succession.

As a bow hunter I have to be bias and single out MY moments for the year. The first was Michael’s Bull Tahr on the very first day of a planned 5 day hunt. We spotted a bull made a quick plan and 4 hours later we were pinching ourselves with some disbelief as we stood over a beautiful Bull Tahr. The plan worked, but of equal importance was the preparation that Michael had done for the trip, excellent equipment and prefect execution of a 35m shot, maybe you had to be there but it was “oh so sweet”.

Lori, you win hands down in my book, your solo effort on that Fallow Buck was hunting at its very best. Cut a long story short Lori, Mike and I had been given the slip by a Fallow Buck earlier in the day and with the last hour of the day fast approaching we were pinned down on a hill side by 3 Fallow Bucks and they were not happy with what the wind was telling them, as can only happen when you are out there doing it, a 4th buck appeared and suddenly the wind was all in our favour and it was game on, and just to up the anti it appeared to be the very buck that had alluded us earlier. With little cover available I stayed put with Mike and we left Lori to close the final 50yds. Close it she did, my only disappointment was I had my face buried in a bush and never heard or saw the shot, but I sure enjoyed picking up the blood trail once I figured out exactly what had just gone down, namely a beautiful Fallow Buck. Nice.

I could go on and on with moments like that for the whole season. Michael’s stag hunt with the rifle, the couple of 450 inch stags our rifle hunters secured etc etc. You just have to be here to experience it all.

The first 11 trophies into our freezer this season were all to our archery hunters, it wasn’t always “classic” but the results speak for themselves. I will continue to encourage our bow hunters to get here early in the season and enjoy the opportunities available with animals that have not been hunted for many months.

Just to let you know that is not all glory moments we had our “not so good” moments, Chas we still hope to recover your Bull Tahr and return your arrow. James “the rain man” has more hard luck Chamois stories than most of us would care for.  The most challenging trophy is our Chamois and we can  only show you the animals the rest is up to you and lady luck. I think Weedie used up all our Chamois luck.

New Zealand terrain can be unforgiving and the fitter you are the more enjoyable the hunt opportunity.  We will ensure that the shower is hot, our meals are wholesome and your bed is comfortable. This will enable you to get back out there in near perfect form the next day!

Thanks to all our land owners, Richard at Glen Dean, Ken and Jane at Glen Lyon , Willie and Kay at Makarora River Ranch, without the access to these properties and the animal management that they all understand and have taken years to develop, none of what we do would be possible. To Duncan and Sam for guiding  this season, awesome job, as per usual. Pip & Sarah for being our Chefs. Phil & Mary for preparing our rooms. It all makes life move in a smoother way. Thanks Laetitia and Melanie for letting Mum and Dad do what they have to do throughout the hunting season, work.

Shipping and Taxidermy is a high light to the conclusion of any trophy hunting internationally or domestically.  The trophy is required to be on the wall.  David Jacobs of The Taxidermist – Queenstown and Ross Turner of Turner’s Tannery – Christchurch, have our Clients 2012 trophies and are in the process of shipment.  We are relieved to hear that your trophies have arrived safely to your address and so keep us posted on that result, with thanks.

We will leave you with Michael Luxford’s equipment list – happy hunting!:

I used a Hoyt Alpha Max 35 @ 70lbs 31” draw, Easton FMJ shafts with blazers and 125 grain Rage 2
blade. Total weight of the arrow is 530 grains. The Hoyt spits them out pretty well. This combo
delivers complete penetration on most game. Tahr are heavy boned for their size and well muscled,
a 450 grain arrow was recommended to me as a minimum.