Rifle and Bow Hunting Prices

Trophy Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow

Rifle and Bow Hunting Prices

Book a New Zealand hunting trip with Telford Hunting for the experience of a lifetime. Join us to hunt red stag, fallow deer, Himalayan tahr and chamois. Please take a look at our prices below and contact us for more details.

Trophy Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Buck
Quoted in US Dollars

  • Daily Guiding Rate & Lodging for one hunter: $US 620.00
  • Daily Rate for a Non-hunter:$US 250.00
  • Two Single Hunters together: $US 450.00 per person
  • Include some fly fishing, deep sea fishing or lake fishing in your hunt itinerary.


Red Stags

  • Red Stag 300-370 SCI Trophy Fee: $US 4,000.00
  • Red Stag 371-420 SCI Trophy Fee: $US 8,000.00
  • Red Stag¬†421 SCI and higher enquire now!

Hunt Red Stag Hunting TelfordRed Stag Hunting

Bull Tahr

  • Bull Tahr Trophy Fee – $US 4,500.00

Fallow Buck

  • Fallow Buck Trophy Fee – $US 3,000.00

Hunt Fallow Deer


  • Chamois Trophy Fee – $US 4,200.00


Small Game Fees

  • Polynesian Boar $US 1,200.00
  • Arapawa Ram $US 750.00
  • South Pacific Goat $US 750.00
  • Wallaby $US 400.00

Additional small game:

Cotton Tail Rabbit, Merriam Turkey, Bush Tail Possum, Water Fowl