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Hunt Red Stag – Well done Guide!

Real shot this Gold Medal Red Stag on a nice slope. GT rolled and cleaned and packed this animal ready to carry off the hill. The autumn weather was approaching but the job was done in a tidy fashion and this Red Stag makes a handsome trophy. 100 metre neck shot straight through the spine and the Red Stag did not know what happened. Clean hunt and a another memorable day for our Client.

Telford Hunt NZ Ltd Our property is looking good. Scrubby gullies and great animal habitat set in the New Zealand alpine environment. Accessible tracks by truck, ATV and foot tracks placed by the resident Red Stag.

Red Stag hunt with Telford Hunting NZ Ltd

Well done Real! Nice Trophy

Red Stag Hunting TelfordStag Hunt Telford Well done Guide!

hunt red stag in NZ with Telford

Packing out with GT. Our Client is welcome to assist, learn about caping, packing and carrying – watch and learn and enjoy the day out!

Well done
pack out hunt red stag with telford

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