Gear List Fly Fishing:

“What to Bring”:

Fishing Equipment:

gear list Fly Fishing

  • Your Rod and Reel
  • 9ft Rod
  • 5-6 weight if possible
  • Line WF
  • Camera
  • A wide brimmed hat
  • Polaroid fishing glasses – Amber lenses are best
  • Sunscreen and Insect repellent


gear list Fly Fishing


  • Comfortable footwear, i.e. Light
  • Walking boots, long johns and shorts
  • Be prepared to get wet
  • Be comfortable, no bright colours.
  • Body waders for winter conditions.
  • No felt bottomed boots please.
  • Hiking boots only with cleats.
  • Please ENSURE you have CLEAN HIKING BOOTS! NZ Customs will check for outdoor foot wear and there is a $NZ500 fine for not declaring outdoor footwear and it gets worse if footwear contains debris in the soles.


Fly Fishing gear list

Fly Fishing New Zealand

I have available an average selection of rods and reels.  While the quality is extremely good, the selection may be limited.

The Fly

All flies, Guided Fly Fishing New Zealanddrys, wets, nymph or streamers can be supplied.  I tie all my own and have a few secrets that fish very well.  You are welcome to bring along your own patterns.