Happy New Year!

I Thought I would use the seasons as my starting point for this quick catch up. It’s our summer right now, mix that in with Christmas and New Year and you will find most of New Zealand at the [...]

Whats in a number?

12,989. What’s in this number? Couple of things, it’s the distance from Calgary to Queenstown NZ. It’s also the cost, give or take a couple of bucks, of a 5-day gold medal Stag and Bull [...]

Hunting with us

Our business is people hunting with us. Bobby arrived with his Dad and Brother to enjoy a guided Hunt with GT. Bull Tahr, Chamois, Red Stag and Fallow Buck. Video footage via Vimeo. The Bull Tahr [...]

Telford Hunting NZ

Think New Zealand Fly Fishing and Hunting: Escape to New Zealand for that Telford Experience Telford Hunting NZ Ltd 2016 under the banner of the well established Telford Fishing & Hunting [...]

Getting There

Getting there where the hunting or fishing will be a straight forward exercise. If you research our website you will see that New Zealand as a destination to hunt, fish or sight-see is a most [...]

Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity is the cliche. Notes from a Hunting Guide called Gerald;  Telford Hunting NZ Ltd is emphasising the limited spaces we have available each season to book now and book early. [...]

Bull Tahr highlights

Doug & Dienna arrived to the South Island to the rain from Arizona to hunt Bull Tahr. Both pursuits were appreciated because Arizona has been in drought for some years and the feel of rain on [...]

Teens included to Hunt

The bonus for our area of New Zealand is the plethora of activities including the Hunt. Recently Alex from Germany hunted small game and got this nice Spiker. He included a Tandem Sky Dive, raft [...]

Hunt Red Stag

Hunt Red Stag – Well done Guide! Real shot this Gold Medal Red Stag on a nice slope. GT rolled and cleaned and packed this animal ready to carry off the hill. The autumn weather was [...]

Red Stag Season!

The Red Stag Season has begun! February through to April. Summer into the Roar of Autumn. Well done Darren from Canada who had a period of long distance bunny bashing and then accompanied by Red [...]

Chamois Kiwi Style

Kelvin from the North Island hunted for Chamois and endured the Fiordland weather to appreciate the hunting area and numerous Chamois. Well done! As the weather can be very unpredictable even [...]


Growth in Hunting – a Young Hunter looking out …….. Hemispheres make life interesting. Winter in the South and Summer in the North. In the South our winter animals are now [...]

Merry Christmas !!

What an awesome 2013 and we will find more adventure in 2014. We hope you are safe and well and enjoy the outdoors whether it is hiking the mountains or sipping a nice Pinot Noir with friends. [...]

Fishing Season 2012

One thing I’ve observed over the past 20 something years of guiding is that most hunters fish , but very few fisherman hunt, I’ll expand on that statement to include wing shooting in [...]

Hunting Season 2012

Telford Hunting Services will attend the following hunting shows: Dallas Safari Show: 3-6 January 2013 this booth number will be assigned in August Safari Club International: 23-26 January 2013 [...]

Earthquake update

Telfords are all okay. Wanaka felt a shake but we are 5 hours drive south of Christchurch and that is where the quake damaged the most. Many lives have been lost and up to 200 are still to be [...]

Home again, Home again

February 2011: Our annual pilgrimage to the USA is complete. Leaving our New Zealand summer to enter the USA winter is not desirable, but attending the annual hunting shows there is like a school [...]